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Fighting cancer with early diagnosis

We help doctors identify cancer risk in patients, enabling greater treatment efficiency, better quality of life and cost reduction.

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IAssist - Medical Assistant

We are developing IAssist - Medical Assistant, a multiplatform application which suggests a possible cancer diagnosis to the doctor providing care to the patient.


Competitive Differentials


  • Based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing;​

  • Suggests a possible cancer diagnosis and the percentage of assertiveness of the suggestion;​

  • Multiplatform application for use stand alone or embedded in a digital health platform.​

  • The algorithms analyze information in natural language, only in text format, without the use of images, exactly as stated in the patient's medical record;​

  • Information can be fed directly into the application by voice, text or by direct integration (via API) with digital health platforms;​

  • The entire process is carried out in Brazilian Portuguese.​

  • Reduction of time to decide whether to refer the patient to a reference center;​

  • Reducing costs for the patient, the public health system and health insurance plan operators;​

  • Significant gain in treatment efficiency, with greater possibility of survival and better quality of life for the patient.​

Assistente Médico


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